Golden apple

Spondias cytherea Sonn.

  • Golden apple or pommecythere, (as it is popularly known in Trinidad and Tobago) Spondias cytherea, originated in the South Pacific and was introduced to the West Indies during the 18th century, where it has become well adapted to the local environmental conditions.
  • Pommecythere is a good source of vitamin C and iron and fiber.

Golden apple Spondias cytherea Sonn.: an emerging commercially important fruit (from production to processing). 2012. R Andall, J. Blackman, A. Glean and F. Shah. Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute.




To translate our vision into action, the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) will focus its work over the next five years on the following Strategic Programmes


Key deliverables under those strategic programmes will enable the Institute to contribute, in the short term, to increases in food supply to the region, and in the medium term, to the stability of the agricultural sector, food and nutrition security and reduction in hunger and poverty. Such successes will, in time, enable CARDI to assist the sector in becoming a significant driver to the sustainable development agenda of the region.



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