A Guide to Analysing and Strengthening Root and Tuber Value Chains in the Caribbean

Roots and Tubers have been identified as key commodities the Region should focus on if it is to meet its food and nutrition security goals. Though they constitute a major part of the Caribbean people’s diet their availability has been affected by low productivity, limited value addition and poor access to markets due to their perishable nature. Globally, the Value Chain framework is being used in agriculture as a means of increasing efficiency, productivity and adding value. This Guide is seeking to enable businesses and service providers in the roots and tubers sector to design practical interventions that enable changes to occur in how their businesses operate in relation to the marketplace within the Caribbean. The concepts outlined in this Guide however can be used to analyse other agricultural sub sectors and commodities. 

This publication was produced with the financial assistance of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). 

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