Adding value to cassava beyond the farm gate

CARDI has gone beyond the farm gate to enhance the cassava value chain in Grenada. In 2015, the institute began producing mash – a key ingredient in the production of cassava blended breads. This initiative has been a part of a drive by regional agricultural stakeholders to promote cassava as a healthier starch alternative.


As consumers continue to demand healthier food products, CARDI has recorded a 27% increase in the sale of cassava mash from 2017 to 2018. The cassava was sourced from over 65 local farmers!


With an alternative market now available to farmers, cassava production has been on the increase. Many farmers have remarked that they are once again interested in growing cassava as they now have a ready market for their produce.


CARDI Grenada, continues to work with the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers to plan production cycles to ensure a year round supply of raw material, build capacity in cassava production and supply planting material.


These interventions are helping bakeries to have a guaranteed and regular supply of cassava to maintain their production cycle.


For 2018, the impact of the cassava bread venture on the Grenadian economy was estimated at approximately EC$ 340,000. This was 10 times more than the impact created in 2015 when the programme started.


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