Boosting agricultural productivity in Barbuda

Representatives from CARDI, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the Barbuda Agricultural Council Committee, facilitated a 2 day workshop on “Production and Productivity for Cassava and Sweet Potato” for farmers on 26 and 27 July in Barbuda.

CARDI technician Bradbury Brown proudly shows off the successful use of pheromone traps, farmers’ used to control the sweet potato weevil


On Day 1, participants learnt about good agricultural practices, germplasm bank establishment and rapid multiplication techniques for sweet potato and cassava. This was supplemented by a hands-on training exercise, post lunch, facilitated by CARDI’s Bradbury Brown on the construction of pheromone traps for the control of sweet potato weevil and rapid multiplication techniques.


On Day 2, the team visited farmer’s fields, and was pleased to see that pheromone traps were already being used. A visit to the proposed site for a dam and reservoir that will service the highland farms belonging to the Barbudan council was also made. CARDI Representative Paul Lucas said that CARDI will provide technical assistance to the council in developing a 2 acres demonstration farm showcasing irrigated vegetable production. The Unit will also provide technical support in the design and setting up of the irrigation system for the agricultural field station.


Collectively all these activities are geared towards improving food production in Barbuda.


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