CARDI Day 2018 …‘Celebrating the potential of the region’s Coconut Industry’

Kids at the CARDI Day celebrations curiously look on at a cricket bat made from a coconut branch


On December 5 2018, CARDI Day was commemorated under the theme “Celebrating the potential of the region’s coconut industry”, where the focus was on highlighting the achievements under Phase I of the EU – ACP funded Regional Coconut Industry Development Project. Through a series of exhibitions, media engagements, public lectures and school tours participants, saw first-hand some of the practical ways that the project has breathed new life into one of the region’s oldest industries.


Coconuts are iconic in this part of the world, it defines the Caribbean’s landscape and culture. Since 2015, the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) has been implementing the project with the International Trade Center (ITC) in 11 CARICOM territories with the primary objective of transitioning the region’s small-scale operations to enterprise-level profitability in the global coconut industry.


The implementing countries used CARDI Day to promote and highlight the project’s achievements and the many beneficiaries. The CARDI countries that did not implement the project used the CARDI Day platform to highlight the results of the work they have been engaged in over the last year.


In his remarks on CARDI Day 2018, Executive Director, Barton Clarke noted that “through this Regional Coconut Industry Development Project, CARDI and ITC have been working to improve income and employment opportunities, food security, and overall competitiveness of the Caribbean coconut sector.”

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