CARDI Jamaica and the Climate Studies Group, Mona join forces under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Project

The CARDI office in Jamaica, participated in the University of the West Indies Research Days, from the 7-9th February 2018, at the Mona campus, Kingston, Jamaica.


The Research Days is an annual event, which allows the University to highlight its research efforts with its collaborators and various partners. This year’s theme was: “Powering Development through Partnerships in Research and Innovation”.


CARDI, in collaboration with the Climate Studies Group at Mona (CSGM), mounted a joint display to outline the partnership under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) Project.


Under the PPCR, CARDI is utilising adaptation initiatives such as crop simulation modelling as a necessary tool for responding to the sector’s approach to addressing climate change. Crop simulation modelling will be conducted on selected crops such as roots and tubers and vegetables. Simulation models support decision making in a cost effective and efficient manner. It enables researchers to conduct experiments in a virtual environment under several “what if” scenarios. The results will enable them to better predict crop yields under a range of scenarios. It also allows users to rapidly appraise new crops products and practices before adopting.


The mini display showcased in a summarised fashion, CARDI’s role in agriculture, its global partnerships, research efforts and various information products emanating from the Institute’s Work Programme and Strategic plan.


The display and information disseminated was well received by visitors (academics, scientists, farmers, students) to the booth.

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