CARDI to roll out new strategic plan 2018-2022


Under the CARDI Strategic Plan 2018-2022, youth and gender will be a key cross cutting issue


During the first quarter, CARDI will be rolling out its new Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022. The Strategic Plan is the Institute’s five- year road map for transforming regional agriculture into a modernised, competitive, innovative and resilient sector. To translate our vision into action CARDI will focus its work over the next five years on four Strategic Programmes: Value Chain Services; Policy and Advocacy; Institutional Strengthening  and Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.


Key deliverables under the Strategic programmes will enable the Institute to contribute, in the short term, to increases in food supply to the Region, and in the medium term, to the stability of the agricultural sector, food and nutrition security and reduction in hunger and poverty.


The Strategic Plan has been shared with stakeholders in all member states, through a series of consultations. Based on feedback, priority programmes closely aligned to each country’s agriculture development policies and CARDI’s Strategic Plan are being developed, packaged and rolled out as operational plans at both the national and regional levels. Critical to implementation will be partnerships within and outside of the sector.


The CARDI core values of Partnerships, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Transparency and People Centredness will guide our staff in achieving the Institute’s mission of “contributing to the sustainable development of the Caribbean by the co-generation, diffusion, and application of knowledge through agricultural research for development”.

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