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CARDI wraps up stakeholder consultations on Strategic Plan

During the months of July and August, CARDI hosted a series of Public Consultations on the 2018-2022, Strategic Plan. These consultations which were held in each member state provided all persons and organisations with an interest in agriculture the opportunity to understand CARDI’s work and to contribute to its relevance and effectiveness.


Increasing the supply of clean planting material across the Region, will be one of the objectives under the crop programme


The Strategic Plan is the Institute’s five year road map for transforming regional agriculture into a modernised, competitive, innovative and resilient sector. To translate this vision into action, CARDI’s work will focus on the Strategic Programmes of: Value Chain Services, Policy and Advocacy, Institutional Strengthening and Partnerships and Strategic Alliances. Achieving the objectives of these programmes will enable the Institute to contribute, in the short term, to increases in food supply to the Region, and in the medium term, to the stability of the agricultural sector, food and nutrition security and reduction in hunger and poverty.


Executive Director, Barton Clarke noted that the turnout from the public, the private sector and other key players in the sector strongly signals the renewed interest in agriculture development across the Region.


The Strategic Plan will be presented to CARDI Board of Directors on 5-6 September, 2017.