Caribbean and Africa show off value chain alliances

CARDI’s strategic partner Alliances for Action has mobilised its partners from across the Atlantic to produce some special edition chocolate to showcase its value chain alliances at the ACP-EU Private Sector Development, Information, Knowledge-sharing and Networking Event for the Caribbean Region. This event was part of a series of regional meetings organized by the ACP Secretariat to share information on the ACP Private Sector Development (PSD) activities. The Caribbean meeting took place from 26-29 June in the Dominican Republic. Executive Director, Barton Clarke represented the Institute.


The West Africa-Caribbean delight was made with 100% dark chocolate originating from Ghana and sweet coconut flakes produced in St Lucia. The cocoa beans were sustainably produced and fairly sourced from smallholder women farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and the Marketing Union Limited in Ghana. The coconut flakes were produced by JKLM in St Lucia in collaboration with the International Trade Center (ITC), CARDI and Alliances for Action partners. The Coconut Industry in the Caribbean Project was funded by the European Union and the ACP Secretariat. The project in Ghana is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Today, dynamics in cocoa and coconut value-added markets offer tremendous opportunities to local agribusiness industries in the Caribbean and Ghana. Sustainable production models help increase farmers’ resilience, diversification and profitability.


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