Climate Change Workshop 2011

The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) in collaboration with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) hosted a Workshop on Climate change and agriculture in the Caribbean: Protected Agriculture – An adaptation option. This workshop was held over the period 17-19 October 2010 at the Grenada National Stadium as part of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) in Grenada. The overall objective of the workshop was to develop the elements of a strategy to adapt to and mitigate climate change in Caribbean agriculture. Protected agriculture was highlighted in its role as an important adaptation option and a viable option to contribute to food and nutrition security. The workshop attracted over 30 participants comprising over seven disciplines (Agriculturalists, Biologists, Environmental Economist, Environmental Policy Specialist, Physicist, Meteorologist, Entomologist, Soil Scientists, Producers, Rural Development Specialists) from National, Regional and International Institutions.

The workshop consisted of four sessions. The first sought to provide the scientific evidence for climate change and the possible impacts of these changes on the economy, ecology as well as sustainable development of the Region. The main area of focus was the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector and adaptation and mitigation strategies that show potential to reduce the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity. Protected agriculture was highlighted as a technological option to assist in achieving food and nutrition security and to reduce exposure of crops to the potential hazard of climate change. Along with the presentations, working groups and plenary sessions assisted in developing the elements of a Regional strategy to adapt and mitigate climate change in Caribbean agriculture. A protected agriculture operation as well as a mangrove site that was destroyed by a hurricane and is being rehabilitated by a community were also visited by participants.

A video prepared by CARDI with funding from the CTA and technical support from the University of the West Indies entitled Protected Agriculture: a new alternative was also launched at the workshop.

Outcome of the Meeting

  • Framework for a Regional Strategy for Climate Change and Agriculture
  • Conclusions and recommendations presented to the meeting of the Alliance of Ministers of Agriculture of the Caribbean
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