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Contributing to the growth and expansion of the small ruminant industry

Building human capacity in meat fabricating and handling will contribute to the competitiveness of the industry
CARDI has been working with several partners to develop Jamaica’s small ruminant industry. The country has directly benefited from projects CARDI has co-implemented with partners like Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and European Union (EU), in the areas of forage improvement, productivity, training and capacity building and breed improvement.

Under the ongoing MFAT small ruminant project, activities will continue to build on the above mentioned areas but will also focus on improving animal genetics by using Artificial Insemination (AI) and Multi-Ovulation Embryo Transfer MOET). In keeping with Jamaica’s vision to diversify outputs from the sector, activities will also be geared towards the development of value added products such as leathercraft, dairy products and cosmetics.
Under the CARDI/New Zealand project over 25 technicians were trained in AI and ET. The Hounslow Sheep and Goat housing and feed storage facilities were also upgraded. A ground breaking initiative of the project was the development of two mobile applications. The CARDI SR-Market brings buyers and sellers together in order to facilitate the sharing of information on the availability of live animals, meat, and farm inputs including small equipment, machinery and vet-medical supplies, which can then be traded offline by those participating in this virtual market.
The CARDI SR-Learn is an e-learning Moodle based platform which will be used for training and information sharing. The mobile application offers another level of functionality by delivering the training and information resources to stakeholders on their mobile devices. CARDI is working HEART/NTA to develop a blended certification course for farmers and technicians in small ruminant production and management.
The information generated from these projects continue to be disseminated to stakeholders via a range of publications