Exploring the potential of Climate Smart Agriculture in St Kitts and Nevis

Farmers’ consultation on exploring the potential of climate smart agriculture in St Kitts and Nevis

CARDI St. Kitts and Nevis together with a consortium of researchers and practitioners from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Padova University Italy, Cambisol Consultancy and Mac and Field Consultancy hosted a consultation in St. Kitts and Nevis during the period February 10-13, 2020 entitled “Land remediation in the Caribbean: Exploring the potential of Climate Smart Agriculture in policy and practice”.


The aim of the consultancy was to generate a deeper understanding of the agro-ecological context in St. Kitts and Nevis through a participatory and interdisciplinary approach. To this end, local stakeholders including farmers, extension officers, representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism and Disaster Management and allied agencies participated in several interactive sessions, providing local knowledge on the key challenges and potential opportunities surrounding agriculture. Some of the areas the consultants focused on were sustainable agriculture practices, land degradation and climate change.


This information gleaned would serve as a knowledge database and further lend itself to the development of a full scale project proposal to be submitted for funding.


This activity was funded by the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) of Wageningen University.




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