Hurricane Maria destroys Dominica’s agriculture sector

Tree crops did not escape the wrath of Hurricane Maria in Dominica.


On 18 September, 2017 Dominica took a direct hit from category 5 Hurricane Maria. Its devastating winds, heavy rains and storm surges caused widespread damage across the island with total destruction reported in some communities. Homes, commercial buildings, roads, communications infrastructure and agriculture were all severely damaged and in many cases, completely obliterated.


CARDI Representative to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Greg Linton travelled to Dominica and began preliminary assessment of the damage to the sector. Linton met with Dr. Reginald Thomas of the Livestock Development and Veterinary Unit who highlighted the devastating damage to the livestock and poultry subsectors. Poultry houses across the island were either completely destroyed or severely damaged with massive loss of life of birds recorded. Sheep, pigs and goats were lost due to floods and their housing structures severely damaged. The banana industry and tree crops were also totally destroyed.


CARDI has started mobilising resources across the Member States to immediately respond following initial relief efforts. In the short term, the Institute will work with stakeholders on the ground to kick-start the production of commercially important commodities while our long term response will be focused on building a resilient agriculture sector through the promotion and adoption of climate smart practices and technologies. Read more on CARDI’s short term long term responses @

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