Strengthening stakeholders’ capacities along agriculture value chains

One of the key programmes of CARDI’s Strategic Plan is building capacities of stakeholders along the agriculture value chains. On February 7 the St Lucia office trained 20 farmers in the identification, selection and preparation of cassava stem cuttings. At a field session, farmers learnt the criteria for identifying and selecting quality planting material. Following this they received hands-on training on the preparation and treatment of cuttings for planting.


Cassava has been identified as an important crop to meet the food and nutrition needs of St Lucia. CARDI is working with stakeholders to strengthen the supply chain for cassava on the island – which will enable them to meet the growing demands for planting material.


CARDI also partnered with the University of Belize to provide practical training for agriculture research students. On February 7 students visited a bean varietal experimental plot at the Field Station in Central Farm where they learnt more about experimental designs and biometrics. The students will also get involved in data collection, analysis and reporting. Exposure such as this allows students to apply the technical knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom to a real world setting.


This exercise is part of an agreement between CARDI and the University of Belize which allow students to participate and learn from the Institute’s research activities.


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