The CARDI Review is intended to disseminate information on completed research conducted by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). It is published at least twice a year and will be available online from the CARDI Website. A limited number of hard printed copies of each edition will be made, but the major dissemination medium will be electronic. Articles that are published would have been screened through a process of internal peer review. This ensures that the quality of research and published articles is of the same standard as recognised scientific journals.

At present, CARDI research programmes cover mostly non traditional crops and livestock. However, there are also projects in the traditional Caribbean export crops of coffee, sugar and bananas. Thematic areas of research are fairly wide ranging and include (not necessarily in order of importance) integrated pest management (IPM), organic farming, production systems, plant genetic resources, feeding systems, environment, marketing, post-harvest and socio-economics.

CARDI sees research and development as a holistic activity encompassing all stages from pre planting to production, post-production, processing, and marketing. Each article in CARDI Review will be from researched areas in one or several parts of the commodity chain. Therefore the articles published in CARDI Review will be varied, wide ranging and, I hope, interesting and informative.

F.B. Lauckner
Editor, CARDI Review.


Issue 16, December, 2015

Issue 15, October 2015

Issue 14, March 2015


Issue 13, April 2013



Issue 12, December 2011

Issue 11, September 2011



Issue 10, September 2010

Issue 9, April 2010



Issue 8, December 2009


Issue 7, December 2008 (672KB, PDF)


Issue 6, February 2007 (2MB, PDF)



Issue 5, June 2005 (1Mb, PDF)


Issue 4, August 2004 (1MB, PDF)


Issue 3, August 2003 (1MB, PDF)


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