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The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, are situated in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory, with a total land space of approximately 264 km2 (102 mi2) comprising the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, is located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.

The Capital of the islands, located on Grand Cayman, is George Town. The total population size is approximately 55,000. These islands are characterised by a tropical marine climate with a wet season that extends from May to October and a cool, dry season that extends from November to April. The average annual rainfall is 1,470 mm (58 in). Average annual temperatures range from 25.2oC to 30.5oC. The terrain of the islands is mainly low lying with a limestone base that is surrounded by coral reefs. Only 0.83% of the land in Cayman Islands is considered arable. The territory is a major world offshore financial centre. Tourism is also a mainstay, with the services sector accounting for about 72% of GDP while agriculture contributes only around 0.3% (2013 est.) to GDP and employing 1.9% of the population. Some of the main agricultural activities in the islands include vegetable, fruits and livestock production as well as the farming of turtles. In the islands, the currency used is the Cayman Islands Dollar. Exports are dominated by turtle products and manufactured consumer goods while imports are dominated by foodstuffs, manufactured goods and fuels.


CARDI Cayman Islands Overview

CARDI’s work programme in the Cayman Islands will be centred on improving production and productivity of roots and tubers, development of feeds and feeding systems for ruminant livestock, commercial production of Herbals, Protected Agriculture Systems Development and Biotechnology Development. The Unit will be working in close collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Cayman Islands to achieve mutual objectives.


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