The headquarters of CARDI is located in Trinidad and Tobago. The role of the headquarters is to provide the resources and support for, and monitor the implementation of the approved work programme by the Country Units.

CARDI Headquarters and, indeed, the whole Institute is organised around three management divisions for effective administration. The three Divisions are follows:

  • The Office of the Executive Director
  • Technical Services Division
  • Corporate Services Division

Office of the Executive Director (Executive Strategic Support)

The Office of Executive Director comprises the Units, Monitoring and Evaluation, Corporate Image, Strategic Alliances and Internal Audit. These Units are supportive but critical to the conduct of CARDI’s technical work and the enhancement of its image with the wider public.

The Executive Director is supported by two Committees, the Management and Technical Committees. The Management Committee comprises the Managers, Technical Services and Corporate Services, the Executive Director and the Executive Assistance as the Ex Officio Secretary.

The Technical Committee comprises the Professional staff at Headquarters and the Head of the Trinidad and Tobago Unit. It is at this forum that the Country Representatives CR(s) will defend their national programmes. It is chaired by the Technical Services Manager and has the responsibility for ensuring the scientific integrity of the Institute’s work and the synergy/integration of activities between Units.

Technical Services Division

This Division is managed by the Technical Services Manager. There are 11 Country Units managed by nine Country Representatives. There is one Country Representative for Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda and one for St. Kitts and Nevis and Montserrat.

In addition, there is a Coordinator for technical activities and programmes for the Eastern Caribbean States Units. This is to ease the technical supervision burden of the Manager. These Country Units are supported at Headquarters by the Marketing Information, Biometrics and Information and Communications Units.

Commodity leaders have been assigned to the Institute’s core commodities, hot peppers, sweet potatoes, cereals and grain legumes and small ruminants. They will lead teams that will be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of activities within each commodity area. Thematic specialists have also been assigned to specific cross cutting themes.

The Commodity leaders and Thematic Specialists are charged with keeping CARDI at the “cutting edge” of technology in their respective areas.

Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division is headed by a Manager and comprises the following Units, Human Resources Development (HRD), Finance (including accounts) and Services. The HRD Unit emphasises the developmental aspect of its portfolio so as to ensure a trained cadre of professional and technical staff and to implement a Succession Planning Programme. It also develops programmes to assist staff to prepare for and enjoy retirement. The Finance Unit introduces systems to enable the “on time” availability of accounting data so as to allow proper financial management of the Institute and the availability of audited accounts no later than March/April of the following year.

Contact Information

CARDI Headquarters
University of the West Indies
University Campus
St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago.

Phone: (868) 645-1205/6/7
Fax: (868) 645-1208
Email: CARDI Info Centre (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

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