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Medium-term Plan

CARDI Medium Term Plan 2011- 2013

The Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2011/2013 will continue (with refinements as appropriate) the directions and programmes established in the MTP, 2008/2010.  That is, it will consolidate, completely internalise and make fully operational the initiatives already started.


The Strategic Approach and Planning Process of the MTP is built around:

The CARDI Vision: The Centre of Excellence in the Caribbean for the provision and application of research for development in agriculture that contributes to the creation of wealth and the competitiveness of the sector in the Region.

The CARDI Mission: To contribute to the sustainable development of Caribbean people by the generation, transfer and application of appropriate technologies through agricultural research for development


The CARDI Core Value: Integrity, professionalism and excellence in everything we do.


The Strategic Approach continues to be one of inclusiveness; full consultation with our partners and clients throughout the value chain; and emphasis on the attainment of predetermined, meaningful and tangible results.  To achieve this, the modus operandi is built on three pillars bottom up/client led, accountability and transparency, and working together.


Strategic Axes

There are three Strategic Axes that drive the whole Plan.

Strategic Axis 1 – Development of Sustainable Industries, is the principal framework for conducting the Institute’s business and delivering on its mandate. It is concerned with the deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation to contribute to the Region’s food and nutrition security and within the context of the optimal utilisation and conservation of our natural resources.

Strategic Axis 2 – Development of Strategic Linkages with allied agencies / institutions to acquire the resources needed to deliver effective Research for Development (R4D) support to the Region’s agriculture. Strategic Axis 2 also offers the platform for the promotion of CARDI as the preferred agricultural research and development institution in CARICOM and its contribution to food and nutrition security and economic well being of the peoples of the Region.

Strategic Axis 3 – Institutional Capacity Building with programmes to build the capacity of CARDI staff, as well as that of partners and stakeholders and to mobilise and manage human and physical resources is the conduit for attaining the resources to enable delivering on Strategic Axis 1




Major Programmes within each Strategic Axis

The major Programmes within each Strategic Axis (SA) are as follow:

SA1   -  Development of Sustainable Industries

  • Commodity Development Crops and Livestock
  • Germplasm
  • Emerging Issues
  • Protected Agriculture
  • Biotechnology development
  • Technical systems and services
  • Promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Invasive species management
  • Climate change for agriculture development
  • Soil management
  • Water management


SA2  -  Development of Strategic Linkages

  • Regional R&D strategies
  • Relationships with key institutions and partners
  • Membership base of CARDI and “Friends of CARDI”
  • Branding CARDI as the preferred R&D institution in CARICOM


SA3  -  Institutional Strengthening

  • Donor/resource agency mobilisation
  • Technical assistance
  • CARDI commercial activities
  • Human resource capacity
  • Rebrand human capacity; talent management
  • Maintenance
  • Administration/Operations
  • Core and external resource management/FMIS
  • Reports to stakeholders/agencies, etc.


You can download the full Medium Term Plan 2011-2013 here (1.24MB, PDF).


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