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  • Cereals & Grain Legumes
  • Hot Peppers
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Small Ruminants
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  • Natural Resource Management
  • Emerging Issues
  • Protected Agriculture
  • Climate Change for Agricultural Development

Medium-term Plan

CARDI Medium Term Plan 2014- 2016

The MTP, 2014-2016, follows a proven path to achieving success for the Institute and, by extension, the sector. The previous MTP, 2011-2013, built on various principles articulated in the previous MTP. This approach was prudent and successful in that the programmes implemented were responsive to the Region’s mandate and major priorities. In moving forward, the MTP, 2014-2016, seeks to consolidate the previous work programmes.

The general direction of the current MTP is again guided by the overall strategic elements of the Institute’s Vision, Mission and Core Values:


The CARDI Vision

The Center of Excellence in the Caribbean conducting research for development that creates wealth and competitiveness in the Region’s agriculture.


The CARDI Mission

To contribute to the sustainable development of Caribbean people by the generation, transfer and application of appropriate technologies through agricultural research for development.


The CARDI Core Value

Integrity, professionalism and excellence in everything we do.


The strategic framework, that has informed the Institute’s activities and functions during the last two medium term periods, continues to be relevant and valid for the MTP, 2014-2016. This strategic framework is defined by three Strategic Axes, namely Strategic Axis 1 – The Development of Sustainable Industries, Strategic Axis 2 – The Development of Strategic Linkages and Strategic Axis 3 – Institutional Strengthening.

Strategic Axis (SA) 1 is the principal framework for conducting the Institute’s business and delivering on its mandate. It is concerned with the deployment of Science, Technology and Innovation to contribute to the Region’s food and nutrition security and optimisation of the use and conservation of the natural resources. The key programmes under this SA include:

  • Commodity Development – Crops and Livestock
  • Germplasm
  • Emerging Issues
  • Protected Agriculture
  • Biotechnology Development
  • Promotion of Science, technology and Innovation
  • Technical Systems and Services
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Climate Change for Agriculture Development
  • Soil Management
  • Water Management


Strategic Axis (SA) 2 offers the platform for “working together” and the promotion of CARDI as the preferred agricultural research for development institution in CARICOM. Key programmes are

  • Regional R & D Strategies
  • Relationships with Key Institutions and Partners
  • Membership Base of CARDI
  • Branding CARDI as the Preferred R & D Institution in CARICOM


Strategic Axis (SA) 3 –seeks to mobilise the requisite resources and enhance the management of these resources to:

  • Aggressively mobilise external resources
  • Build the capacity of CARDI staff, its partners and stakeholders
  • Mobilise and manage human and physical resources, as the conduit for attaining and efficiently utilizing the resources
  • Enable delivery on SAs 1 and 2

The primary programmes under SA 3 are:

  • Donor/Resource Agency Mobilisation
  • Internal Revenue Generation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Human Resource Capacity
  • Rebrand Human Capacity; Talent Management
  • Maintenance
  • Registry
  • Administration/Operations
  • Core and External Resource Management/FMIS
  • Reports to Stakeholders/Agencies, etc



You can download the full Medium Term Plan 2014-2016 here (1.24MB, PDF).


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