CARDI and CTI working together to improve agricultural knowledge and capacity in the Bahamas. PRESS RELEASE, 25th November, 2021

25th November, 2021

The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) in collaboration with the Center for Training and Innovation (CTI), has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide training, education and employment preparedness to the people of the Bahamas. To achieve this, over the next 5 years, both institutions will develop and implement training courses and programmes in various disciplines as well as share resources, experiences and knowledge.


The Government of Bahamas is keen to improve domestic production and reduce the country’s high food import bill. This MOU will directly address the knowledge gaps of stakeholders by developing targeted educational programs for scientists, nutritionists, farmers, extension officers, agripreneurs and teachers among others. By embracing such initiatives and activities proposed under this partnership, the population will be enlightened to the fact that agriculture is not just about farming. It is a sustainable way of living, one that is crucial to the economy and society. Moreover, exposing trainees to the best practices, new technologies and latest innovations augers well for the development of the Bahamas’ agriculture sector.


This collaboration is grounded in strengthening the academic enrichment and agricultural knowledge capacity of the people of the island. It also facilitates hands on training and experiential teaching and learning. The institutions are in the process of discussing mechanisms, such as student internships which may be of mutual interest to both parties. It builds on the past collaborative foundation forged by both institutions. In the past CARDI and CTI have successfully cohosted workshops in poultry production and management, small ruminant production and management, natural pesticides and post harvest management.


This strategic partnership reiterates the Institute’s commitment to building alliances aimed at transforming knowledge management especially in the field of agriculture and entrepreneurship.  


Press Release


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