CARDI part of the Regional Early Warning Systems Consortium

Barton Clarke (CARDI) and Ronald Jackson after the signing of the RESC MoU (Photo courtesy: CDEMA)

CARDI is one of 14 regional organisations that is part of Regional Early Warning Systems Consortium (REWSC). The Consortium, which was launched on 5th December, 2019 will serve as an advisory body for the advancement and strengthened coordination of the Early Warning Systems (EWS) within the Region, taking into consideration the realities of a changing climate. Initial focus will be placed on the natural hazards. Executive Director of CARDI, Barton Clarke and Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Authority (CDEMA), Ronald Jackson signed the REWSC Memorandum of Understanding on 18 February 2020 at CDEMA’s office in Barbados. CDEMA chairs the Consortium.


Some areas of focus of the REWSC will be the establishment of a regional vision, development of a harmonised action plan and the communication of scientific information to policy makers and practitioners. Focus will also be on resource mobilisation – to support the EWS in the Region.


CARDI will oversee the agriculture activities. The Institute will assist with research, monitoring and modeling particularly as it relates to biological and drought hazards, data generation, risk communication and information dissemination particularly to the agricultural community. CARDI will also support and collaborate on capacity building – farmlevel disaster risk reduction practices, training and awareness initiatives and preparedness.


The other REWSC partners represent the hydrometeorological, seismic, tsunami and coastal hazards, health, academia, multidisciplinary training, research and technical expertise and information and communications technology sectors.


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