Congratulations to the Region’s top Agriculture Science student for 2023!

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Congratulations to Ms Avia Findley – the recipient of the Region’s Top Award for Outstanding Performance in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Agriculture Science (Double Award) exam for 2023. Avia is a student at the Guy’s Hill High School in Jamaica and is the second student from that school to cop this prestigious award. On 23 April, 2024, the CARDI Representative in Jamaica, Mrs. Dionne Clarke[1]Harris visited the school and presented Avia with her CARDI sponsored prize package.


Avia is currently in 6th form and pursuing a number of subjects including Agriculture Science. She has plans to pursue a career as an Anesthesiologist.


Seventeen year old Avia says her love for Agriculture was instilled at an early age by her mother and later by her community. She credits the knowledge and experience gained from her mother who practiced vegetable farming in the past for helping her studies, especially the practical aspects. Speaking with CARDI, Avia was very grateful for her strong support system. She especially praised the efforts of her Agriculture Science teacher Janet Taylor who “consistently motivated and pushed her to do her best.” School principal Cecil Donald said that that he is happy to see the investments made by Guys Hill High School in Agriculture Science start to pay dividends.


Avia believes that more should be done to make agriculture attractive to youths in the Region. She noted that other careers are in the spotlight and are often promoted as being more lucrative and fulfilling than a career in Agriculture. Avia believes that this narrative must change and proposed a “simple solution of the encouraging planting tomatoes or ground provision to the younger ones at primary school, therefore instilling a love and curiosity from an early age.


In closing, she encouraged youths to “stay in school, stay determined, work hard, have a goal, and always remain self-motivated.”


CARDI congratulates Avia on her outstanding achievement and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.