Facilitating cross border partnerships to advance agriculture development

CARDI was pleased to facilitate a visit by Mr. Mahmood Patel, owner of Coco Hill Forest and the current Chairman of the Barbados Coconut National Stakeholders Platform in Guyana. Mr. Patel was part of the Government of Barbados’ delegation led by Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, which visited the country from 14-17 February 2022, to explore business and investment opportunities. Cooperation and development of the two countries’ agriculture sector were high on the agenda.


Mr. Patel, a coconut farmer, has a keen interest in processing and nursery production. While in Guyana, CARDI organized and facilitated meetings with leading coconut processors: Guyana Ideal-Life Inc. and Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Ltd and Mr. Patel. Representatives at the meeting included Mr. Beni Sankar, CEO of Guyana Ideal-Life Inc., Mrs. May Cheung, Director of Guyana Ideal-Life Inc., Mr. Louis Holder, CEO of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Ltd. and Mr. Raymond Trotz, Chairman of Guyana’s Coconut National. CARDI was represented by Mr. Jhaman Kundun, Officer-in-Charge CARDI Guyana and Mr. Mitchroy Thom, Technician.


Guyana Ideal-Life Inc. produces cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, coconut flour, handmade coconut soaps while Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Ltd specializes in the production of premium coffee. Both companies are teaming up to produce innovative coconut and coffee value added products for the tourism industry. Mr. Patel who is also the Chairman, Intimate Hotels of Barbados explored these linkages and committed his support to these products.


Barbados is interested in establishing a coconut cooperative. Mr. Sankar and Mr. Trotz used the opportunity to share Guyana’s experiences in forming the Guyana Coconut Industry Developers Cooperative Society Limited (GCIDCO). Mr Patel noted that Barbados would like to establish a cooperative to further develop its coconut value chain.


Mr. Patel also visited Hope Coconut Industries Ltd (HCIL), Rayo Trading Inc. and young coconut lead farmer Robert Fraser, all beneficiaries of the Alliances for Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean project. Hope Estate and lead farmer Fraser have emerged as leading coconut seedling producers in Guyana.


CARDI was delighted to be part of this initiative. The Institute remains committed to widening our partnerships and facilitating cross border linkages to advance agriculture development.

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