French student completes CARDI internship

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Tiana Rakotoson completes CARDI Internship


French student Tiana Rakotoson has completed a 5-month internship programme at CARDI’s Trinidad and Tobago Unit. Tiana, a second year student at Agrocampus Ouest in France, was involved in the establishment of stakeholder innovation platforms for sweet potato in Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat and Jamaica. Stakeholder platforms are part of CARDI’s Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) approach to developing commodity value chains. The AIS approach emphasises interaction and collaboration among the various actors along the value chain. This drives innovation, resulting in enhanced agricultural productivity, improved agricultural products and efficiency across value chains. Tiana was also involved in the preparation of several information products.


As part of his assessment, Tiana facilitated a staff seminar where he explained his work in CARDI and his experience working in the Caribbean. Student Internships are integral components of CARDI’s Global On The Job Training (OJT) Programme, which gives young professionals the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and provides mentorship, leadership and exposure.