IICA/CARDI Excellence in Journalism Awards Launched

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Agriculture – Rooting for Sustainable Development is the theme for the 2010/2011 IICA/CARDI Media Award for Excellence in Agricultural Journalism. This year’s award is targeted towards full time and free lance journalists working with daily newspapers, radio and television, particularly those covering agriculture on a regular basis.The competition aims to reward media practitioners for their contributions in the area of agricultural journalism in the Trinidad & Tobago media and ultimately seeks to:

  • Foster a greater understanding of food security and related issues in Trinidad & Tobago
  • Increase interaction and create new partnerships between the agriculture sector and the media
  • Promote success stories in agriculture
  • Stimulate greater interest and investment in the agriculture sector

Articles published over the period 1 March 2010 to 31 March 2011 will be eligible for entry.

For further information about the Excellence in Agricultural Journalism Award which please see the following:

The launch of this year’s competition took place on 23 November 2010 at the Veni Mange Restaurant in Woodbrook Port of Spain. Selected articles below: