New information products for cassava stakeholders in Dominica

Farmers and industry stakeholders in Dominica now have access to a series of new publications on cassava production. A technical manual, a video series and an 8 part factsheet series were produced by CARDI, under the “Cassava Industry Development – Market Assessment and Technology Validation and Dissemination” project. On 3rd December, CARDI Representative in Dominica, Dorian Etienne, handed over the publications to officials at the Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security, for distribution to farmers.


Cassava has always been an important crop among the indigenous Kalinago people of Dominica – primarily used for farine and cassava bread. However, a growing migrant population and industrial applications for cassava derived products are giving small farmers and processors an opportunity to tap into new markets and increase their incomes.


The Technical Manual – Small scale cassava production in Dominica – is designed to enhance producer’s knowledge and capacity to sustainably and profitably produce cassava. The publication is organized into ten chapters. The first two chapters provide an overview of cassava and the scope for producing the crop in Dominica. The next seven chapters focus on the best agronomic practices for producing cassava and the good agricultural practices involved in harvesting and post-harvest handling of the crop. The final chapter provides insights into the scope for value added product development on the island.


The factsheet and video series specifically target farmers and processors. They summarise the best practices involved in growing, harvesting and post handling of cassava. To increase adoption of the best practices recommended in the factsheets, effort was made to present the information in a non-technical, user friendly format.


These information products were funded by Caribbean Development Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. CARDI managed the production of the communication products.


All publications are available for download from

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