Partnering to improve the capacity of cassava stakeholders in Dominica

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To develop and enhance the cassava industry in Dominica, CARDI implemented a project with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), through funding provided by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), entitled, “Cassava Industry Development- Market Assessment and Technology Validation and Dissemination Project .” Outputs of the project include enhancing the knowledge capacity of stakeholders as well as introducing them to effective cassava production techniques.


As part of this, 40 farmers and 19 extension officers were trained using the Farmer Field School (FFS) methodology to enhance their knowledge and practical skills. The capacity of extension officers to better advise farmers on cassava production was significantly improved. On the production side, small scale cassava producers gained a better understanding of good agricultural practices involved in cassava production and insights into emerging technologies and opportunities along the value chain.


To complement these hands-on training sessions CARDI with the support of FAO will be preparing a series of information products in varying formats for stakeholders. A series of short videos will communicate, educate and share information on best practices and improved techniques for production, harvesting, post-harvest handling and value addition.


Technology packs in simple, easy to follow formats will also be produced for farmers. A series of factsheets and a manual are also being developed to provide more evidencebased information to stakeholders. The objective is to provide the most up to date, knowledge, best practices, new technologies and emerging opportunities to stakeholders along the value chain.


CARDI continues to play a major role in the development and continuation of sustainable production of the cassava industry.