January,30,2018 | News

Partnering to rebuild the agriculture sector in Barbuda


Identifying suitable sites for the establishment of forage banks, Barbuda


CARDI is partnering with Inter-America Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), the Ministry of Agriculture Land Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs (MALFBA) and other stakeholders to revive agriculture in Barbuda following the passage of Hurricane Irma on 6th September, 2017. Focus has been placed on containing livestock whose damaged housing units has left them exposed to the elements and feral dogs. Through funding obtained under the IICA/CARDI Agreement materials have been purchased for farmers to repair and replace damaged fences. Both agencies are also collaborating with Mr Perry Phillips a forage specialist, to develop forage banks. The team visited Barbuda on 19 December to identify a suitable site for the establishment of these forage banks.


Protected structures were also devastated across the island from the Category 5 hurricane. Garden Pool a US-based company will be assisting with the development of climate resilient structures. A protected but portable aquaponics system which can easily be deconstructed and stored in the event of another hurricane began in December at the Sir Mc Chesney George Secondary School. Apiculture work has also begun, new hive boxes were imported from the USA and set up in Barbuda. Bees were not being introduced from Antigua as the Varroa mite has been identified on the island.


During the first quarter of 2018, the CARDI Antigua and Barbuda Unit will begin distributing seeds and seedlings to farmers.

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