Weather outlook for the regional agricultural communities

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Reliable, user friendly weather information is critical to informing and planning on-farm activities


CARDI has teamed up with the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) to produce the Agro Climatic bulletin. This is a monthly publication which summarises past weather conditions and provides a three month weather outlook for countries in the Region. A summary of weather/climate related initiatives relevant to the agricultural sector is also presented. Based on the expected weather conditions, climate advisories are provided for agriculturalists in these territories. The publication is intended to provide the farming community with reliable user friendly information, so they can better plan and manage their on-farm activities.


The region is already experiencing an increase in the intensity and frequency of natural disasters which many experts say is linked to a changing climate. Information products such as this will enable all stakeholders to be better positioned to mitigate the risks.