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Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory located in the Leeward Islands. The island measures approximately 16 km (10 mi) long by 11 km (7 mi) wide, and is also known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. In July 1995 a major eruption of a long-dormant volcano located in the Soufriere Hills, destroyed the capital city – Plymouth, including the airport and two-thirds of the population were forced to leave the island. As a result of continued volcanic activity, an exclusion zone has been defined because of the increase in the size of the existing volcanic dome. The village of Brades, currently serves as the de facto centre of government. Economic activities, particularly in agriculture and tourism, continue to be determined by the volcanic activity as the agriculture sector has been affected by the destruction of crops and limited land for farming; the main commodities are cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers and livestock. Notwithstanding, economic activity increased by 1.2% in 2009.

CARDI Montserrat Overview

The thrust of CARDI Montserrat is mostly on the transfer of technologies for the development of the roots and tubers industry, sweet potato and cassava, on the island. However, focused technical assistance is proposed to enhance the development of the small ruminant and undercover / protected agricultural sub-sectors.

Work Programme

Work Programme for the Medium Term 2008-2010

Commodity development – Crops

Sweet potatoes

  • Develop and transfer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for management of sweet potato pests
  • Improve sweet potato productivity using different types of planting material from tissue culture and slips from rooted tubers


  • Evaluate for value added qualities, select and distribute high yielding disease resistant varieties of cassava introduced from CIAT

Commodity development – Livestock

Small ruminants

  • Assist with the development of the small ruminant industry

Emerging Issues

Undercover / protected agriculture (greenhouse)

  • Assist with the development of the undercover / protected agricultural system

Country Highlight Reports

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Contact Information


Contact Information

Paul Lucas

CARDI Representative / Water Resource Management Specialist

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P O Box 272



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