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Trinidad & TobagoTrinidad & Tobago are the southernmost islands of the Lesser Antilles chain, separated from Venezuela by 11 km (7 mi). The island of Trinidad is 30 km (19 mi) from Tobago. The total land area covered by the twin island state is 5,128 km²(1,980 mi² )- Trinidad covers 4,828 km² (1,864 mi²) while Tobago covers 300 km² (117 mi²).

In Trinidad, the highest elevation reaches 940 m (3,085 ft). Tobago has scenic beaches and a main ridge of volcanic origin along the centre, reaching a maximum height of 549 m (1,800 ft). The dry season generally runs from January to May with a wet season from June to December. The annual rainfall is 1,869 mm (73.6 in). Trinidad & Tobago is endowed with rich deposits of oil and is the leading Caribbean producer of oil and gas. However, the Government has embarked on diversification efforts that include agriculture and manufacturing. Tourism is a growing sector, although not proportionately as important as in many other Caribbean islands. Agriculture accounted for only about 0.5% of the GDP in 2009, although the sector still directly employs some 3.8% of the population.

CARDI Trinidad & Tobago Overview

The research and development thrust of the Trinidad & Tobago Unit has been on hot peppers, small ruminants and organic agriculture. The hot peppers programme has focused on selecting and stabilising the landraces of Trinidad and Tobago and compiling production and marketing tech-packs. The small ruminants programme has concentrated on improvements in nutrition, health and breed as a means of contributing to the development of the regional small ruminant industry. There has also been ongoing work in spearheading the development of organic agricultural systems. Recently, the research and development portfolio of CARDI Trinidad and Tobago has expanded to include the validation and transfer of technologies for developing the sweet potato and cassava industries in the twin-island republic. Furthermore, the role of information services in the research and development processes is being emphasised by the Unit.

Work Programme

Work Programme for the Medium Term 2008-2010

Commodity development – Crops

Sweet potatoes

  • Establish sweet potato germplasm for multiplication and distribution


  • Characterise and select cassava varieties for value added and fresh consumption

Hot peppers

  • Demonstrate and transfer improved hot pepper production technology in Tobago
  • Validate superior hot pepper lines


  • Demonstrate and transfer improved vegetable production technology in Tobago

Commodity development – Livestock

Small ruminants

  • Small ruminant industry development in Tobago
  • Characterise regional small ruminants industry
  • Validate and transfer Mulato grass as a suitable livestock forage
  • Support the national commercial small ruminants development project


  • Support the development of the national dairy industry

Emerging Issues


  • Demonstrate and transfer improved organic production technology in Tobago

Information systems and services

  • Develop small ruminant farmers’ database
  • Develop hot pepper farmers’ database
  • Develop sweet potato farmers’ database


Country Highlight Reports

For highlights of work by the CARDI office in Trinidad and Tobago, Click here


Contact Information

Contact Information

Fayaz Shah
Head, Trinidad and Tobago Unit / Agronomist
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CARDI Trinidad
P.O. Bag 212
Frederic Hardy Building
University of the West Indies
St. Augustine Campus
St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago

Phone: (868) 645-1205/6/7
Fax: (868) 645-1208

CARDI Tobago
Melissa Williams (Dr.)
Officer-In-Charge / Livestock Scientist
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Blenheim Sheep Multiplication and Research Station,
Mt. St. George,
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Phone: (868) 660-2237
Fax: (868) 660-2464
Email: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)


Country Partners

Partners and Collaborators

  • Ministry of Agriculture Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad
  • Agricultural Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Environmental Management Authority (EMA), Trinidad and Tobago
  • Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), Trinidad and Tobago
  • Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) at Trinidad And Tobago
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry, Trinidad and Tobago
  • National Institute of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology
  • The National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO), Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sugarcane Feeds Centre (SFC)
    Pokhor Road, Longdenville, Trinidad
    Tel: 665-9967/7913
    Email: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)
  • Trinidad and Tobago Sheep and Goat Society
    c/o Sheraz Khan, Opposite Farm #12, Connector Rd., Carlsen Field.
    Tel: 671-9400
  • Cane Producer Farmers Co-operative Society.
    86 Guness Trace, Rochard Douglas Road,
    Contact: Mr. Seukaran Tambie (President)
    Tel: 729-6552
  • Cattle Farmers Association
    c/o James Chris Medford
    Tel: 665-2123
  • Cunupia Farmers Association.
    Mr. Anil Ramnarine (President)
    Esmeralda Road, Cunupia.
    Tel: 672-1130, 747-3217
  • Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago
    Cumberbatch Street,
    E-mail: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)
  • Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Agriculture, Marine Affairs & the Environment Division


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