The approach adopted by CARDI in pursuit of its mission is based on three pillars; bottom up/client led, working together, transparency and accountability. In fulfilment of its role, and in the context of the demand for a ‘New Agriculture’, CARDI developed its 2008-2010 Medium Term Plan (MTP) on the basis of three Strategic Axes:

  • The Development of Sustainable Industries
  • The Development of Strategic Linkages
  • Institutional Strengthening

CARDI, under the CARICOM Regional Transformation Programme for Agriculture (RTP) and being operationalised by the ‘Jagdeo Initiative’ is responsible for Sweet Potatoes, Small Ruminants and Hot Peppers. The Institute is also engaged in other activities with respect to a number of other commodities including roots and tubers, fruits and vegetables. One of the primary objectives of CARDI is to ensure that agriculture in the CARICOM Region achieves the goals of increased productivity, diversification, international competitiveness and sustainability. The aim, therefore, is to address critical issues such as food production and food security, as well as to improve overall socio-economic development including human resource capacity, environmental integrity and wealth creation.

Regional capacity

With its 12 field operations across the Caribbean Region, CARDI by virtue of its geographic spread and scientific capacity is uniquely positioned to respond rapidly to agricultural needs and problems identified by Member Countries of CARICOM.

Meeting the needs of the regional agricultural sector

CARDI in its continued thrust to meet the immediate needs of the regional agricultural sector facilitates National Consultations on Agricultural Research and Development (R&D) in its Member Countries with policy makers, stakeholders and beneficiaries of the agriculture sector. The aim of these Consultations is to provide a cohesive and comprehensive approach in developing and implementing programmes at the national level. The hosting of these National Consultations on Agricultural R&D, an initiative of CARDI, is designed to enable CARDI’s stakeholders and clients to be proactively involved in the development and ownership of the Institute’s Medium Term Plan and its Annual Work Plans. In turn, this facilitates an integrated and cohesive strategy for CARDI’s stakeholders and clients to foster and enhance CARDI’s role to increase food production and food security in the Region.