Pulses a superfood for a sustainable future

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World Pulses Day revolves around the global awareness of the superfood known as pulses. Pulses are edible seeds of legumes that are harvested dry. They are known to be one of the first domesticated crops, having been farmed since the 7th century in the Middle East in an area known as the Cradle of Civilization. Beginning in 2013, The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), as part of their resolution on sustainable development of food production, recognised the significance of pulses in alleviating hunger, poverty and food and nutrition insecurity.


Pulses are widely regarded for their intrinsic value towards human and animal health. They are gluten and cholesterol free, rich in proteins and nutrients, a good source of dietary fibre and high in iron and zinc. They retain their nutritional value while in storage, making them an ideal food source for humans and a suitable crop for achieving food and nutrition security. Pulses are environmentally friendly and an important part of any sustainable agricultural production system. They improve the soils fertility and are a low carbon footprint food – making them a key ally in the climate change fight.


Belize is the center of the Institute’s cereal and grain legumes programme. CARDI’s ongoing programme of work in pulses is focused on germplasm management and conservation of varieties, commercial production of grains and seeds, identification of climate resilient varieties and evaluation of iron rich varieties for introduction to farmers.


The research and development foundation laid by the Institute for pulses, has placed Belize on a path to becoming self-sufficient in production and a major exporter to CARICOM.


In accordance with the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), the CARDI Seed lab conducts the required purity and moisture tests for pulses exported from Belize. The CARDI stamp of approval assures exporters of the quality of the product.


We join the global community in celebrating the power of this superfood and the important role they play in building a sustainable future.